Prayer forms part of the school day for those children that wish to take part. There are opportunities for this at the end of the day, grace before lunch and prayer and reflection during collective worship.

No child is forced to pray but all children are asked to respect other’s right to pray. If a prayer is offered by a leader, children are told, “I am going to say a prayer. If you want to make it your prayer you can say Amen at the end.”

The 2015 Prayer Room was inspired by the theme of Pentecost, and featured fruits of the spirit, a living flame, flames of prayer, guidance of the spirit, and evergreen favourites such as the Sin Shredder, the Thank You Wall and Pray Dough.

The room was a big hit, as always, with classes visiting and then children booking slots in twos and threes. As always there was lots of peace, reflection, concentration, enjoyment and of course prayer.

More recently prayer spaces at Tasburgh Church have been visited by classes from Newton Flotman, as we are part of the Tas Valley Benefice.

Be still

Be still


Guided by the Spirit

fruits of the spirit

Fruits of the Spirit

prayer doves

Prayer Doves and Prayer Flames

thank you wall

Thank You Wall

thank you wall 2