Newton Flotman Handball Tournament



Current League Table


Teams Goals scored Games won Games drawn Games lost Points
Team A 18 2 2 1 8
Team C 27 4 1 0 13
Team D 21 1 3 1 6
Team B 11 0 0 5 0

Results for 16th April                     Results for 23rd April

Team A   4  –  0   Team B             Team A   5 –  5   Team D

Team C   4  –  4    Team D            Team B   3  – 5   Team C

Results for 30th April                      Results for 7th May

Team A  1 – 8  Team C                 Team A  6  –  2  Team B

Team B  1-  7  Team D                  Team C  4 – 3   Team D

Results for 14th May

Team A  2 – 2 Team D

Team B  5 – 6  Team C

Match reports for 16th April 

My team played Team A. Despite the fact we lost I still think we played very well. We could have called for the ball more, and some of our players didn’t get involved as much as others. We had a lot of shots but Team A’s goalkeeper was particularly good. Some of the people in our team surprised me for how well they played. Next time we could encourage more people to get more involved, and hopefully we will win. 

By Lily Kean year 6 (member of team B)

Our team was very good. I think we should improve our passing skills. Our goalie saved some good goals. All of us played well and fairly.

By Joshua Manners years 6      [Team A]

My team played team D and we drew 4-4. Overall the team was good.  One of our goals got disqualified because someone had their foot over the line. Apart from that we were good but we could do a lot better like calling for the ball and trying to having a go at shooting.

By Chloe Hewett from Team C.

My team played Team C. We drew. The end score was 4/4.  Team C would have won but unfortunately for them one goal got disqualified because of them going off the line. We were surprised with certain people who really go involved who do not normally get into sports. A thing we would need to improve on is calling out names. Even though we had good teamwork, calling out would have really help us score more.

Amber, year 6.

Match report for 23rd April

Today I was super impressed with the attitude and determination among all team members. The games were very close and everyone dug deep to keep the goals coming. The children are showing improved skills in passing to each other and finding space in order to receive the ball. Communication between team members is very good and everyone is encouraging each other. Children who I gave specific challenges to this week really worked hard to achieve them…well done.  I really enjoyed refereeing each match today. Looking forward to next week.

Miss Townsend

Match report for 7th May

My team is team b. We were awarded most improved team because more of our team members got involved and we all used the space nicely.  I think we played a lot better than last time,but we still didn’t get the score on our side. We all got involved and play our best.

     By Cody  Year 6

My team is team D.Today we played team c.Today we did well because we passed to all the girls and boys and everyone got involved.We drew 3-3.Our goalies are good because they are not afraid of the ball.The shooting was more accurate.The team spirit was good and everyone cheered everyone on.

By Ben Hollis Year 5

Match Report for 14th May

My team is team A. Today we played team D. We played very well, and every one got involved. Everyone was very honest, including the opponents. Our goalies were very good and our shooting was very strong, we also had good passing. We drew     2-2 with the other team. I very much enjoy handball.                                                        Madison yr 6 team A 

My team is team D. Today i thought we did really well. All of our team participated and everyone was honest about the rules of handball. our goalies were faboo and the team were even more faboo. there’s nothing much i can say because we played that well.                                                                                                                                  Mia yr 6 team D

Match report 21st May

I’m so proud of my team. We won our last  game! first we were 1-0 down and then the final score was 5-4. Our team were jumping around like mad. We will always remember. The best thing was no one disagreed.

Aaron yr 5 team b

Final report

I have really enjoyed our Handball tournament and proud that every Thursday lunchtime all children came along to play to be part of their team.The commitment and enjoyment for handball was really evident.  

Each week the teams became better at encouraging each other and learnt who had particular strengths as well as who needed confidence building within their team. Each game was played with 100% effort and skills improved as the weeks went on. 

This is the first time we have played handball in our school and I have been pleased with the positive response from the children.  It is a very fast and energetic sport which keeps the children active throughout. I will ensure it continues to be part of our sport within our school next year and I know the children have asked for it to continue. 

Miss Townsend (PE coordinator)