Earth Class


Welcome to Fir Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Sarah Brailey

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Charlene Matthews & Miss Demi Hambling


We learnt that they are not called the fluffy cloud, the blanket cloud and the hair cloud – they have names!!!  Check out the video below……

John Constable

For our special interest week (which will continue into next week) we have been studying ‘The Hay Wain’ by John Constable.  After discussing the painting as a class, we have become very taken with the detail of the clouds that John Constable paints.  A lot of our work this week has been cloud related – drawings, names, studies and poems.  We will not reveal too much as it will give away our class assembly!


Spring has Sprung!

And what better way than to enjoy it’s arrival than by going to Mrs Morgan’s family farm to see the newborn lambs.  It fitted in with our topic about food and farming too.  We had an amazing time.  We saw lots of baby lambs, ones taking their first steps, tails being tied off and we even saw Mrs Morgan delivering two of a set of triplets!  Mrs Brailey wanted to sneak one home!



There are 8 planets in the solar system……!

Watch it once and you will be singing it for ages!  Check out the song about dwarf planets too……..we miss Pluto!

images (2)

One small step for man……

Year 1 have been learning about a famous person in our history so their focus was on Neil Armstrong and they were very keen that we didn’t forget Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.  They researched him and wrote a report about him.  Watching the video of the first moon landing also helped.

images (1)

To infinity…….and beyond!

We have loved learning about space.  It all began with a trip to the Playhouse to see ‘The First Hippo On the Moon’ and in the words of one child – it was awesome!  We also read the story (a lot!) and another story called ‘Man on the Moon (A Day In the Life of Bob).


You can watch and listen to the story here!

Welcome to the Fir’s Class!

We have had a busy first few weeks back at school!  We have been concentrating on feeling comfortable with how Reception and Year 1 works and getting to know the adults who will be working with us.  We have enjoyed getting to know the new classroom and exploring all the things both inside and out.  That brings onto our first topic of the year….Inside Out!  We have loved this and really engaged with it.  We have talked about feelings and emotions and this has led to some wonderful English work.  We read ‘Halibut Jackson’ by David Lucas and have then moved onto watching the short movie of ‘Mr Hublot’ to inspire our writing further.  Year 1 were able to start including adjectives and similes into their work.  In turn this helped us create some great art work.  In Maths we have been focusing on number, place value, addition and subtraction.  Year 1 have moved on to writing calculations.inside-out