Poplar Class


Autumn Term

Welcome to Poplar Class’s page! We are all in year 6 and are busy working hard at improving maths, writing, reading, spelling and grammar skills ready for SATs tests next May. We are enjoying writing our own version of “Where the Wild Things Are, ” developing sentence writing and punctuation skills as we go. In maths we are currently reviewing

Maurice Sendak - Where The Wild Things Are-7

formal written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We learn spellings on a weekly basis, set of Fridays and tested on Monday. We are currently looking at changing y to i when adding suffixes to words which have a consonant before the y.

We have also enjoyed our science activity on the topic Forces, which has so far involved making parachutes of different materials and in different sizes, and launching them from the amphitheatre. One unfortunate Lego man became entangled in the trees across church road after a very successful maiden flight.

We have also created and decorated a Sukkot, a shelter for the Jewish festival celebrated after harvest each year, and presented it at the harvest service last week. Here are some photos of its construction.

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