Oak Class


Welcome to Oak Class (Year 4).

oak tree

Class Teachers: Mrs Hollie Podolski & Miss Helen Loades

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hayley Bailey & Mrs Melissa Neve

Autumn Term 2017 Second Half

As the second half of the Autumn begins, we have started with an interest week My Brilliant Brain.  We have been learning about what function the brain has, how we can grow our brains and the different parts of the brain.

We were lucky to have a DNA Workshop as part of brilliant brain week where we were DNA detectives to solve a mystery.  We also got to make a sweet DNA helix.


As the half term progresses we will be learning about Viking Gods, textures in art and conducting geography fieldwork.  All in the build up to the Christmas season ending with a nativity production Bethlehem.

Autumn First Half

We have had a great start to the school year exploring Growth Mindset and what it means to say I can’t do it….yet! 

Our topic this term is Quests and Adventures and as part of this we have already enjoyed an exciting school trip to Junior Go Ape in Thetford Forest.  During this trip we participated in adventurous outdoor activities where we challenged ourselves as individuals and as a team.  We showed superb support and encouragement for each other.

No more than 3 on a platform!

No more than 3 on a platform!

Watch your step!

Watch your step!

Race to the finish.

Race to the finish.

In English, we have been using the amazing picture book Return by Aaron Becker to explore settings, characters and plot.  With a focus on vocabulary and rare words, courtesy of Mrs Wordsmith, we have been expanding our minds and word choices.


In History, through Mantle of the Expert we have created a story centred around a Viking Burial Chamber.  Through the study of artefacts and research we are learning about the Viking ways of life.