Oak Class


Welcome to Oak Class (year four).

Summer 2017

Oak Class are enjoying a busy term so far.  We are learning about Modern Europe covering many aspects of geography and started the term with researching a country within Europe and making a presentation for display.  Come and see the beautiful work and writing that the children have created.

As part of our English, in writing we have been learning about poetry and different genres before writing our own and performing these to the class.

DSC00006  DSC00002

On Tuesday, 6th June we visited Tasburgh Church to go on a Prayer Hunt and take part in a huge variety of activities to think about others and share our thoughts and prayers.

DSC00158 DSC00156

We are learning a huge amount about farming and art during our special interest week, focusing on John Constable’s The Hay Wain and old and modern day farming.  Our learning will be displayed in the hall in the next few days.

Watch this space for an end of year party where we will be cooking foods from around Europe and eating these during the afternoon …


Autumn 2016

In maths, we have been using our investigative skills and challenging ourselves with a variety of problems.

Our topic, covering geography and history, is Crime and Punishment through the ages, incorporating learning about Australia and when the convicts were sent there during the 1700s. We are visiting Norwich Castle Museum on Thursday, 17th November to find out more about punishments from the past.

Earlier this month, we learnt all about British Food Fortnight and made and tasted Cheese and Onion Bread and Butter Pudding. The children were very exciting and keen to practise the cookery skills.  As a result, we had some excellent dishes that we all sampled.

20160927_134623Everyone worked well together as a team and listened well to instructions. .



20160927_134650  20160927_134641


We have sketched some autumn fruits and oak tree leaves and acorns.  We then used oil pastels to give some colour.  Take a look at our colourful displays in class.  In English, we have been learning about poetry and created our own poem based on the theme of windy weather.  The children have performed their written pieces to the rest of the class and copied for display in their best hand writing.  Come and see some examples in class …