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Class teacher: Mrs S Pawley

Teaching Assistants: Miss J Hoskins, Mrs M Neve

Miss Nichols is now on maternity leave.



We kicked off this term with our Celts and Romans topic, learning all about the Roman invasions as well as Boudicca’s rebellion.  To consolidate this learning we went to the Time and Tide museum in Great Yarmouth for a fun, hands-on learning experience.

The day was split into 4 sections and each half of the class enjoyed each part in turn.  We met a ‘Roman Soldier’ who taught us how to march in unison and showed us real Roman armour, shield and sword.  We then had a go with wooden shields and swords and charged at the adults, however, the adults got their revenge by throwing wet sponges whilst we used our shields to protect us!  We also met one of the ‘Iceni tribe warriors’ who showed us how the Celts were armed, we had a go at throwing a spear at at a target. We learnt about the Celtic superstitions and witchcraft, as well as, the Roman Gods.  We were shown some Roman artifacts and told what it would be like to have been a slave to a Roman Lady.

DSCF4241 DSCF4281 DSCF4283 DSCF4316



We finished off our science ‘Rocks’ topic by actually making our own fossil, although it did not take the millions of years that it takes to create a real fossil!  We used plasticine to make an imprint of small plastic animal, which represented the animal dying in a suitable place, for example, on the ocean floor.  We then filled the imprint and surrounding area with a type of ‘plaster of paris’, which represented the sediment and layers of debris that over the years collected on top of where the animal lay.  As this hardened, rock formed and when we peeled away the plasticine, the place where the animal had lain was clearly visible as a ‘fossil’.

DSCF4355[1] DSCF4356[1]

The second half of this term started with a special interest week.  The theme was Australia and New Zealand.  We studied the different types of animals that can be found on this continent.  We learnt the words:  Indigenous – Meaning only found and native to that country, and;  Marsupial – Meaning a mammal with a pouch to hold its young.  We created our own fact files about our chosen animals and then we had a go at sketching and colouring the animal.

DSCF4337[1] DSCF4338[1] DSCF4339[1] DSCF4340[1] DSCF4341[1] DSCF4342[1] DSCF4343[1] DSCF4344[1] DSCF4350[1] DSCF4351[1] DSCF4352[1]

Then came the snow…




Both the year 3’s and the year 2’s have made a solid start to the year.  We kicked off with settling in and getting to know each other activities.  Quickly moving on to ‘Inspirational Maths’ along with reading ‘The Hodgeheg’ and sentence writing work.  We’ve done a lot of work with number and place value and spent time learning about the continents and oceans of the world.  In science we’ve looked at Living things and nutrition.

We also had an RE day, where we looked at the Muslim faith and made group models of our own Mosques:

20171019_141125 20171019_141134 20171019_141153 20171019_141204 20171019_141219 20171019_141233 20171019_141252 20171019_141302 20171019_141419 20171019_141428

We started off the second half of this term  with ‘Our Brilliant Brain Week’, in which we learned all about the human brain; the different parts of the brain and we tested our reaction speeds.  We  made brain hats and also a model of a brain out of CAKE!

20171030_115357 20171031_094606 20171031_094701 20171031_094710 20171031_094718 20171031_094822 20171031_125440 20171031_143427

We have continued with our countries theme but this half term looked more closely at the UK and created our own fact files in English on one of the countries in the UK.  In maths we have looked at time, position and direction then moved on to multiplication and division.  We’ve spent time looking at fractions as well as addition and subtraction.

However, we have enjoyed spending a good deal of time preparing, practicing and rehearsing for the Christmas play. So, please make sure you get tickets to come and see the performances that the children have been working so hard on.








We have an exciting summer planned which will include our Ancient Egyptians topic, consolidating our 4x tables and learning our 8x tables.  We will be writing persuasively and to give instructions, as well as investigating ‘Light’ as our science study. And of course looking forwards to our Sports Day which will be held after the summer half term.

Our second trip to Norwich Castle Museum was another great success, with all children thoroughly enjoying the day and creating some beautiful Egyptian necklaces. We also had chance to learn more about how mummies were made and why pharaohs were buried in this way.   We learnt what the ancient Egyptians would have eaten and had the chance to look at some real artifacts from that period.  However, the most interesting thing was the actual mummy which is on show in the museum which caught everyone’s attention.

Here are some photos from the day:

IMG_3130 IMG_3129 IMG_3093 IMG_3091 IMG_3082 IMG_3070 IMG_3065 IMG_3064 IMG_3063 IMG_3060 IMG_3059 IMG_3046 IMG_3045 IMG_3023 IMG_3022



During the Spring term we have been extremely busy.  We enjoyed our special interest week very much, the theme was the continent of AFRICA.  We researched different African countries and made our own ‘Fact Files’ giving all sorts of wonderful information.  We had a visit from an African storyteller and drummer as well as, two African students, who told us about the culture and daily life of the African country they were from.  We found out the importance of masks to certain tribes in Africa and produced our own designs out of clay.  The African Art day was a great success and some beautiful art was produced.

We also started our Romans topic which has been very engaging especially since our trip to Norwich Castle where we met two Iceni tribe members and two Romans; a soldier and his wife.  We learnt of the struggles the Iceni tribe went through trying to live alongside the Romans in Norfolk.  And how Queen Boudicca was treated by the Romans which caused her to fight back.  Here are some of the photos taken on the day:

IMG_2326 IMG_2319  IMG_2307 IMG_2283 IMG_2280 IMG_2228 IMG_2227 IMG_2223 IMG_2218 IMG_2215 IMG_2214



We have made a solid start to the school year and begun Key Stage 2 positively. The children are settled and beginning to work hard.

We have begun this term by looking at stories by the same author/illustrator, Micheal Foreman, following this we will be linking with our Mountains, Rivers and Coasts topic through the author Micheal Morpurgo. We have written imaginary recounts of swimming with dolphins in which the children have been using adjectives, adverbs and some researched dolphin facts.

Dolphin Boy ll take you to Mrs Cole Long neck and Thunderfoot The sandman and the Turtles

We have been enjoying our topic of ‘Mountains, Rivers and Coasts’, and have learnt lots of ‘river vocabulary’ including source, mouth, meander, tributary and so on.  We have followed certain rivers from their source to where they meet the sea using google earth and will soon be attempting to make our own small boats to set off on the River Tas, on their own journey to the sea!

Maths work has involved getting to grips with number and place value.  We’ve briefly recapped addition/subtraction, multiplication/division and fractions.  So far we have been using a variety of resources to help us with our understanding and application.  Each child has their own bead string which they can use to help them.

In science we’ve been learning about what differing nutrition animals, including humans need.  It was a surprise to learn that humans and dogs nutritional needs are similar and that humans need roughly 30% fat in their diets!