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Teachers: Mrs Podolski & Miss Loades

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Freeman & Mrs Nichols


Our new topic this half term is All Creatures Great and Small and what an exciting start it has been.  We have had a visit from the Raptor Trust who brought along and taught us about the Little Owl (and other owls in Britain) and a Kestrel.

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We have been working for the Beech Animal Park Express and thinking about lots of ways that we need to care for different animals which has included lots of non-fiction work in English.

Beech Animal Park Express 3D map. Enclosures built using a variety of materials.

Beech Animal Park Express 3D map. Enclosures built using a variety of materials.

The children have been very excited with some hands on Science and REALLY loved dissecting owl pellets in partners, super communications, great finds and observation skills to identify bones.

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These co-operation skills have been built on in Maths, whereby they worked in teams of 3 to design and make a robot using 3D shapes thinking about the properties. Lots of fun, learning and teamwork!


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This half term our topic is Farm to Fork and we have had a fun packed few weeks with a trip to Tesco to learn about food for fuel, gardening with Mr Cox and a walk around the village to see how land is used in different ways.


A healthy face! Can you tell which is which?


Finding healthy food for the athlete.


Hunting for food groups.

Its the start of a new term and a new topic – TOYS.

We have begun working for Toys in Time Museum using drama techniques and Mantle of the expert, taking on roles of Curators and learning about toys from the past.  By studying photos and handling artefacts we have learnt lots about old toys (as well as sharing our new toys!)

Through Talk 4 Writing we are learning to tell the story of Pinocchio and will be innovating it to become authors ourselves.

We will be enjoying a visit from Puppetworks to make our own puppets as well as making toy cars during DT.

And all of this before half term!



As part of our Inside Out topic we have been learning about feelings and how different events and situations make us feel.  With the help from Twiggle and his friends we are becoming able to talk about our feelings and how we deal with them.

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We have also been enquiring about our bodies and growth finding an answer to the question Do children get faster as they get older?

We have been using Talk for Writing to retell the story of Mr Hublot and innovating it to create our own stories with similar plots.

Watch the Academy Award winning short film at


In music we have learnt about rhythm, timbre and ostinato. 20160928_133050[1]

In Dance we have been inspired by Harvest and Alice in Wonderland, exploring different ways to move to music, thinking about speed, shapes, height, pathways and appreciating each others performances.


I would like to congratulate the children on a wonderful Christmas Nativity performance where there remembered their roles and lines and sung their hearts out entertaining parents and peers.