Poplar Class


Summer term

Welcome to the summer term – and huge congratulations to all the year six pupils for completing all their papers and finishing every question on every paper.  Well done Poplar, we are extremely proud of you all!  Year six sat papers for reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar, mental arithmetic and two reasoning papers for maths.

Of course, this does not mean the end of learning in year six (or homework!).  As ever, we have a busy term ahead of us.  We are putting on a fantastic, full-on Shakespeare production for the school and the year six parents … watch this space …

We are also going on a residential to Hautbois in June where we will take part in many activities and a different style of learning.

Amongst all of this we are writing poetry, balanced arguments and learning about the Ancient Greeks and continuing our maths and science.  Our DT topic is to make Ancient Greek sandals and as ever there will be some cooking of a variety of Ancient Greek dishes.  We look forward to a busy, exciting time in Poplar class.

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Poplar classDSC00341 visited the Forum on 8th November to learn about women’s role in the First World War.  What a fantastic, inspiring trip we had.  We learnt about all the different roles that women took on during the war when the men were fighting and acted out scenes of casualty – spot the severed arm – and drama sessions bringing a poem to life.  A great learning experience leading us into our spring learning on World War Two.

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Autumn Term

Wow, what a busy, exciting term we have taken part in so far.  Poplar class have been incredibly busy with their learning across the curriculum and have taken part in many learning activities.  This week, we have a scientist visit us to teach us about DNA and we had to discover whether relatives were part of the Second World War…

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Harvest Festival

We have been learning about how Christians and Hindus celebrate harvest festivals.  Using seasonal apples we made a variety of apple dishes and later we made a traditional Hindu dish, called Pumpkin Halwa, to celebrate the Hindu festival Vaisakhi.  We compared and contrasted both festivals and identified similarities and differences.

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