5th best performing school in Norfolk (% of pupils exceeding expectations in Maths/Reading/Writing)…analysis of the KS2 SATs 2018 League Tables


This week, the national league tables were published on the BBC website, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-42310494, allowing parents to compare schools results (Y6 cohort, 2017-18) to other schools across the country/local area.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to highlight some of the schools successes, most notably:

  • 76% of children achieving the expected standards in KS2. This makes us the 39th best school in Norfolk (out of 432).
  • An amazing 24% of children achieving the higher standard in Maths, Writing & Reading. This places us as the 5th best school in Norfolk.

Their success highlights the high quality teaching and learning that the children received in their 7 years at the school, and is a wonderful reward and recognition of the dedication and effort from staff.



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