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5th best performing school in Norfolk, 2018

(% of Y6 pupils exceeding expectations in Maths/Reading/Writing)

Children’s Book Centre

On Tuesday, 25th June, along with Mrs Radford, I took a selection of children from year one to year six to the Children’s Book Centre in Aylsham to choose new books for our school library.  This is an area I am working on to improve and give the library a refurbishment. I am reviewing our current books and will purchase further books to offer a wider up-to-date selection for all our children.  I would like to give a huge thank you to the Friends of the School for accepting my request for some funding and we now have £2000 pounds to spend on our library and books. The children were full of enthusiasm, very well behaved and heard many stories read to them too by the Book Centre Librarian.  This is a wonderful place to visit and inspire your children to read – a must for the summer holidays.



Please encourage your child to read as much as possible as it is a true gateway to all their learning.  Try to hear them read as often as possible (ideally every day, frequent short sessions are more productive than longer sessions less frequently).  We are always welcome to any parents/carers who would like to give their time to hear our children read; please come and speak to me if you would like to volunteer some of your time to this valuable learning opportunity.



On Wednesday, 26th June through to Friday, 28th June, I took the year six children (along with Mrs Radford, Mrs Hardy and Mrs Critchell too) to Hautbois in Norfolk for their residential.  Every single child took part in every single activity – as did the adults with most events too! The children not only learnt resilience and experienced growth mind-set but also stretched and challenged themselves across many areas of learning.  They also learnt how to make a bed by fitting on sheets and duvets, how to lay a table for eating (and tidying afterwards too) and also tried many different foods throughout the whole stay.

We were very lucky with the weather and all experienced a very positive trip, well done year six!

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Perseverance: This half-term’s character focus

Every half-term, we focus on an important character trait that we know has a positive impact on children as they journey through life.

This half term’s focus is perseverance.

Definition: Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Perseverance will be the focus of our whole school and class collective worships, whilst also being celebrated around the school, when identified in children’s day-to-day activities.

In assembly this week we held our Hayley Carruthers as a great example of perseverance. Helen was the 3rd British women to complete the London Marathon, last Sunday, 29th April, and showed great perseverance to finish, despite being clearly fatigued.

Discussing and celebrating perseverance with tasks at home would be a great way of supporting your child with developing this vital character trait.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Roberts, P.E & Growth Mindset Lead

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After-school sports/health clubs this term

There are still spaces in all of our after-school clubs. To sign your child up or to find further details please enquire at the office, where Mrs Goodenough will be happy to help.


Mr Cox/Mrs Hardy, Gardening Club, Y2-Y6, Mondays
Arts Dance, Street Dance, YR-Y6, Tuesdays
Easton College Tennis, Tennis Club, Y1-Y6, Wednesdays
Mrs Wolfe, Multi-sports Club, Y2 – Y6, Thursdays
TC Fitness (supported by Mr Roberts), Boys and Girls Football Club, YR-Y6, Fridays
Mr Roberts, P.E Lead.

Summer term: Parent workshops

Don’t forget that throughout the next two weeks there will be parent workshops in all classes, giving you the opportunity to spend time with your child in their classroom environment. Please see our April, 2019 newsletter for further details of time and workshop focus. We look forward to seeing you there.

Maths May Marvel Challenge

tt rockstars logo avengers

For the month of May, Mr Roberts is setting a whole school times table challenge. He is setting children across the school the challenge of earning 15,000 points, 500 points per day (Y1/5,000 points & Y2/10,000 points). There will be a weekly update in celebration assembly, and a certificate and a Marvellous prize for ALL winners.

Mr Roberts, Maths Lead

Mars Class: Information meeting for residential trip to Eaton Vale, 29th April, 2019

logo eaton vale eaton vale 1

Thank you to parents for attending yesterday’s meeting. For those parents who were unable to attend I recommend reading the brochure for education trips on the following hyperlink (scroll down until the Information for Schools subheading can be seen).


If any parents have any questions or concerns regarding this trip please don’t hesitate to ask me  at the start or end of the school day or via the office.

Mr Roberts, Class teacher

End of term assembly/Easter Workshops

This week children in YR/KS1 will be working alongside governors Lesley Cox and Kathryn Critchell to create Easter Gardens, which will contain a number of symbols to represent elements of the Easter story. The children’s gardens will be on display during the End of term assembly, at St. Mary’s Church, on Friday morning, 9.30 – 10.30 a.m.

All parents/carers are welcome, we look forward to seeing you there,

Mr Roberts, R.E Lead

easter garden

world maths day 2019World Maths Day

On March 6th, 2019, the school celebrated World Maths Day, with every class engaged in a variety of practical maths problems, giving children the opportunity to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills.

In the school hall you will find a display containing examples of their fantastic work from the day.

Mr Roberts, Maths Lead

Keeping Active

The World Health Organisation recommends children participate in at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Whilst children are engaged in 2 hours of P.E at week and are active in their break times, there simply isn’t enough time during a school day so how can you ensure your children is active?

One way of ensuring your child is engaged in the recommended amount of physical activity is by engaging in an after-school sports club (see below for details). These clubs are all delivered by trained coaches, all of whom have extensive experience and for those who express an interest are able to provide links to community-based sports clubs. The cost of all of our clubs are £2.50, subsidised with money from the Sports Premium Fund, with the aim to maximise participation by making our after-schools affordable for all.

Arts Dance, Street Dance, YR-Y6, Tuesdays
Easton College Tennis, Tennis Club, Y1-Y6, Wednesdays
Mrs Wolfe, Multi-sports Club, Y2 – Y6, Thursdays
TC Fitness (supported by Mr Roberts), Boys and Girls Football Club, YR-Y6, Fridays
With the weather improving day-by-day, another great way to add exercise into your child’s day is to walk or cycle to school, as an alternative to travelling by car. This is a fantastic way to start the day, ensuring your child arrives at school feeling alert and ready to learn.
Finally, there are a number of local community sports club, take a look at our P.E display which is located down the corridor adjacent to the school hall. On there you will find details of a number of local sports clubs. Alternatively at the end of the school day I would be happy to signpost you to local sports clubs.
Mr Roberts, P.E. Lead
Newcomers educational visit to the farm
On Tuesday, 26th March, children from Reception, and other children new to the school this year, visited Teaching Assistant and Shepherdess, Mrs Morgan’s family farm. Whilst there, Mrs Morgan gave children an insight into the workings of a small farm and were shown a number of recently born lambs. The children had a fantastic time, we are incredibly grateful to Mrs Morgan for this opportunity.
Mr Roberts
 little lamb
tt rockstars logo
An important foundation in becoming a confident mathematician is a secure knowledge and recall of times tables. The school invest a significant amount of money to give all children access to the website/app, Times Table Rock Stars. Whilst children do receive time in class to practise their times tables, via this software or through other methods, if you want to help your child develop these skills further then regular practise at home is highly-recommended. If you need help with logging in please ask your class teacher for help.
Spring headlines
This term Rock hero, Lachi McIntosh (real names not used) has amassed a staggering HALF A MILLION points which is equivalent to 50,000 correct answers. This is a fantastic achievement and has resulted in a significant improvement in their progress this term. The Top Ten for total points this term look likes this:
1 Lachi McIntosh Mercury Rock Hero 482 218
2 Logan Cherone Mars Rock Hero 336 795
3 Yuki Jett Mercury New Artist 262 016
4 Junior Bourgeois Mars New Artist 130 104 1
5 Captain Stapp Mars New Artist 96 315
6 Irock Volkman Mercury New Artist 57 154
7 Sara Zeller Mercury New Artist 57 084
8 Aimee Neumann Mercury Breakthrough Artist 57 047
9 Pink Young Venus Support Act 47 890
10 Sky Shaddix Mars Rock Star 47 181
Well done to everyone who made the Top Ten. Keep up your super work.
Mr Roberts, Maths Lead
Christmas Workshops/End of term service, Tuesday, 19th December, 9.30 a.m.

On Thursday, school governors Kathryn Critchell and Lesley Cox, led Nativity-inspired workshops with classes (YR-Y6). Children in KS2, began their sessions with learning a drama performance, in preparation for the end of year Christmas service, before creating an arts and crafts nativity set. Children in EYFS & KS1 also practised for the Christmas service, singing a selection of seasonal songs from their recent Christmas performances as well as creating some fabulous animal masks, which will be on show during our service on Tuesday.

Christmas 2018 End of Term Service v2 (1)Christmas 2018 End of Term Service v2

The children (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed their workshops, a huge thank you to Kathryn and Lesley for their time and effort to make the day possible.

Get Active in the New Year

In the Spring term there will again be another extensive programme of after-school sports clubs for children (see below). You will find details of these clubs in the upcoming newsletter. If you have any questions/suggestions regarding our after-school provision I would be happy to discuss them with you at either the start or end of the school day. These clubs are all delivered by trained coaches, all of whom have extensive experience and for those who express an interest are able to provide links to community-based sports clubs. The cost of all of our clubs are subsidised with money from the Sports Premium Fund, with the aim to maximise participation by making our after-schools affordable for all.

Arts Dance, Street Dance, YR-Y6, Mondays
Easton College Tennis, Tennis Club, Y1-Y6, Wednesdays
Norwich Dragons, Hockey Club, Y2 – Y6, Thursdays
TC Fitness (supported by Mr Roberts), Boys and Girls Football Club, YR-Y6, Fridays

Hippodrome Christmas Spectacular 2018

On Tuesday, 11th December, over 100 children from Year 2-6 visited the historic Hippodrome Circus, in 2018, where they were treated to a memorable show containing a variety of amazing acts, who enthralled us with their incredible talents. The ‘Wheel of death’ (pictured below) was a favourite for many of the children.

For many children it was their first experience of the Hippodrome Circus, and everyone came away beaming with joy, having enjoyed a very memorable show.

hippodrome hippodromeswimming

A huge thank you to all members of staff, especially Sally and Teresa in the office, who helped to organise the day and made sure the day went smoothly.

5th best performing school in Norfolk (% of pupils exceeding expectations in Maths/Reading/Writing)…analysis of the KS2 SATs 2018 League Tables

This week, the national league tables were published on the BBC website, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-42310494, allowing parents to compare schools results (Y6 cohort, 2017-18) to other schools across the country/local area.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to highlight some of the schools successes, most notably:

  • 76% of children achieving the expected standards in KS2. This makes us the 39th best school in Norfolk (out of 432).
  • An amazing 24% of children achieving the higher standard in Maths, Writing & Reading. This places us as the 5th best school in Norfolk.

Their success highlights the high quality teaching and learning that the children received in their 7 years at the school, and is a wonderful reward and recognition of the dedication and effort from staff.

After-school sports clubs

At the start of this half term we are continuing to run a variety of after-school sports clubs with the aim to encourage every child to be participating in at least 1 hour of additional sporting activities every week.

There are still some spaces left in these clubs, please ask in the office for more information.


Tuesday:              Dance, Y2-Y6           

Wednesday:        Football, Y3-Y6

Thursday:            Multi-skills, YR-Y2                     

Friday:                 Tennis, Y1-Y5

Mr Roberts Maths Challenge: November Edition

Look out for the brand new Mr Roberts Maths Challenge, which is being distributed to all children this week. This month’s challenges will require you to apply your problem solving skill to tackle one of the 3 different levels of challenge. I look forward to receiving your entries, as always for each entry a child will receive a golden raffle ticket for the end of year prize draw.

tt rockstars logo

It is vital that children leave primary children with a secure knowledge of their times tables. All children (Y2-Y6) have been provided with log-in cards for Times Table Rock Stars. This online times table software, is designed to encourage children to regularly practise their times tables, an essential skill for a child to develop in their journey to becoming a competent mathematician. If you have any questions regarding this or anything else Maths-related, I am always available at either the start or end of the school day.

Mr Roberts

Cycling, Cricket, Tennis and Martial Arts: Autumn term P.E update

This term, in addition to your children’s P.E lessons delivered by either their class teacher or instructor (Mr Courridge/Mr Ward), children throughout the school have had the opportunity to work with trained instructors, who the school have brought in to engage children with a wide variety of sports.

This term classes have enjoyed the following: tennis workshops, delivered by Charlotte Groves, who also provides an after-school tennis club on Fridays; martial arts workshops, delivered by George, from Eastern Shotokan Karate Association (see parent leaflets for further details of locally delivered sessions); cricket sessions for Years, 1,2 & 5, delivered by Chance to Shine coach, Russell Cole and finally Earth class have been cycling through Bikeability sessions, delivered by Tri-A-Sport.

If you would like any further information regarding this, or any other P.E related inquiry I would be happy to discuss this with you at the end of our school days.

Mr Roberts

IMG_0693 IMG_0681 IMG_0671

Walk, bike and scoot to school week, October 8th – 12th, 2018

Well done to all children who participated in our walk, bike and scoot to school week. It was wonderful to see many pupils making a healthy, active start to their school day. The cold Autumn weather may make it more tempting to travel to school by car, however with appropriate clothing/footwear you can still arrive at school warm and dry, feeling fresh and ready to learn.



Look what one thousand pounds worth of books looks like …

DSC00325Across all classes and year groups, a book audit was carried out, and I purchased a widerange of books from reception through to year six, including some classic texts and books from all genres.  The children are very excited about all this new reading material and we look forward to seeing children engage with their new books… Diane Steer