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Brain Week: Growth Mindset and the Christian value of Wisdom

DSC00467During the first week of the second half of term, the whole school took part in a Special Interest Week, focusing on the brain and DSC00466learning more about Growth Mindset.  Each class produced a fantastic array of different pieces of work from all their learning across the week.  


Our whole school display takes pride of place in the school hall – do come and have a look when you are next in.

Books, books and more books …

Look what one thousand pounds worth of books looks like …

DSC00325Across all classes and year groups, a book audit was carried out, and I purchased a widerange of books from reception through to year six, including some classic texts and books from all genres.  The children are very excited about all this new reading material and we look forward to seeing children engage with their new books… Diane Steer


Willow class trip to West Stow Anglo-Saxon Museum, 30.10.17

As part of this term’s topic, ‘Dragons, Thor and More’, to start the half-term, Willow Class visited the West Stow Anglo-Saxon Museum, close to Thetford. During the day, children explored the full-size village restoration project, gaining an understanding of how village life was structured and the roles of villagers. In the afternoon, we received a guided tour of the museum and the many interesting artefacts which it contains. The children were a credit to the school, their behaviour and engagement outstanding throughout. Thank you to parents and members of staff for your support, a special thanks to Mrs Morgan and Mrs Wolfe who drove the school minibuses.

DSC00304 DSC00309

Cross Country success

On Tuesday, 16th October, 34 children from Years 3-6 represented the school at the Long Stratton Cluster Cross Country Championships. Against a large number of local schools, children raced around a windy, cross country course in an attempt to qualify for the next round, the South Norfolk Cross Country Championships, held at Fritton Lake, in November.

I was very proud of all children participating, in particular for their resilience and perseverance, whether they were finishing at the front or back of the race, all children paced themselves well and completed their challenge.

Out of the 34 children from the school who participated, a fantastic 18 children have now qualified for the next round at Fritton Lake (by finishing within the top ten). Well done everyone and thank you parents for supporting us at this event.

Mr Roberts


Mathletics: Week ending 06.10.17

Almost equaling last week’s record-breaking week this week we are celebrating a colossal 22 children who achieved a bronze certificate in Mathletics. Well done to everyone who have been applying themselves on Mathletics, both at home and at school, your hard work will help you on your journey in becoming a fabulous mathematician.


Bike/Scoot/Walk to school week, October 2nd-6th

This week, it has been fantastic to see so many children arriving at school by bike, scooter or by foot. Not only are you helping the environment by not burning fossil fuels which create pollution and use up precious natural resources you also starting the day with some valuable exercise and arriving at school alert and ready to learn. Below is a photograph of just some of the children (and their choice transportation), who chose a car-free way of getting to school this week.


Mathletics: Week ending 29.09.17

A record-breaking week of Mathletics, with a fantastic 25 children achieving a bronze certificate. Well done to everyone who have been applying themselves on Mathletics, both at home and at school, your hard work will help you to become an even better mathematician. Below is a photograph of our happy winners.

Mathletics 290917

National Poetry Day – Thursday, 28th September 2017

We are all learning about poetry during the week Monday, 22nd to Friday, 29th September across all the school.  We will all be creating our own poems around a theme which will be displayed at school.

Look out for the creative poetry writing that will take place …

Get Active: Join an after-school sports club

It’s not too late to join one of our many sports clubs (details below) which we are offering this half-term.

Mondays: Tennis, Charlotte Groves, Y1-Y4.

Tuesday: Hockey, Mrs Wolfe, Y1-Y2.

Wednesdays: Korfball, Mr Johns, Y3-Y6.

Thursdays: Cross Country, Mr Roberts, Y2-Y6.

Thank you to our new Level 3 tennis coach, Charlotte Groves who yesterday (25.09.17) ran 3 tennis workshops with children from Year One, Year Two and Year Three. The children really enjoyed themselves and we hope to see many of them at our new after-school tennis club (Y1-Y4), beginning next Monday, 3.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. Places are limited.

DSC00091 DSC00115

Inspirational Maths Week

Helping the children to start the school year with a positive attitude towards their learning of Maths, every class in the school will be engaging in a week of ‘Inspirational Maths’. The aim of Inspirational Maths Week is to make all children believe that they can ‘do maths’, it is just a matter of challenging yourself, working through your mistakes and working hard.

Lessons begin with a short video which explain how our brains grow every time: you are challenged, you make a mistake or you do something that you have not experienced before. Children then begin a daily problem which has been developed to enhance the reasoning and problem solving skills which are the key ingredients in being an able mathematician. All the problems are ‘Low Threshold, High Ceiling’ which all children can complete the task successfully, with different levels of challenge built into the task.

If you would like to find out more about Inspirational Maths Week visit

https://www.youcubed.org/week-inspirational-math/#. The website contains all the videos seen in class and also offers parent resources to support learning Maths at home.


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