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Sumdog half-term challenge

Well done to the 31 children who, over the course of the Spring half-term holiday, successfuly completed the challenge of participating in Sumdog for 90 minutes or more (around 10 minutes a day). Those children will shortly be receiving a golden raffle ticket for the exciting end-of-year prize draw for a tablet computer.

Please look out for the February’s Mr Roberts Maths Challenge which was given to children this week. This year we have now received over 400+ successfully completed a maths challenge, all of which will receive a golden raffle ticket for their fantastic efforts.

Inspirational Maths Week

To start the Spring term, throughout the school, children have been engaged in a series of problem solving activities designed to inspire and boost self-esteem in mathematics. Beginning with videos which challenge conventional thinking and demonstrate how mathematical brains are developed, children have then been challenged with a variety of engaging activities, some of which they attempted with the support of their parents at the parent workshop sessions. In addition to this children have also been engaged in the first ever Great Newton Flotman Times table Bee, in which they were asked to answer a number of questions testing their knowledge of times tables, the results has seen been announced and all children have received certificates. Finally, children have also been in the school hall, playing with a collection of large maths games (kindly lent to us by Norfolk County Council) designed to improve logic and reasoning skills. Below are some photographs of Inspirational Maths Week. If you would like to know more about Inspirational Maths Week and/or watch some of the videos seen by the children this week, please follow the link below.


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sumdog-logoOctober 2016

Our sumdog school code is nfp. You have been given your usernames and passwords by letter. Enjoy!